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icon Free / Libre and Open Source Hardware Design


icon Free / Libre and icon Open Source Software

proudly based on, powered by, designed and developed with:

icon LeafLabs

icon WIZnet

icon TUIO | Open Sound Control

icon SuperCollider

icon KiCad

icon QCAD

icon Inkscape

icon GNU C/C++

icon Lua

icon JACK

icon ArchLinux

icon Fablab Luzern

icon HTML5

hardware supplied by:

icon Eurocircuits

icon OSHPark

icon Digitalwerkstatt

icon Digi-Key

icon Shapeways

icon Ponoko

icon Open Source Hardware Association

Beta Testers

After a high interest at Maker Faire Rome, we are now running a beta-testing campaign to collect more comprehensive feedback of first-hand experiences of our final Chimaera prototype design from interested individuals. Get in contact with us. Now.

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Last update - 16 Sep 2017

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