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For those that are all fingers and thumbs or do not have the required skills to build their own hardware, we may offer partly or fully assembled Chimaera parts and instruments.

This is no automated web shop, it is a simple list of what we may offer. For orders and inquiries of any kind, please do not hesitate to contact us directly. Prices in local currency (CHF) are preliminary only and can be subject to change.

We may manufacture on order only. You should thus count on a lead time of 2-4 weeks.

The printed circuit boards you may get here are fully equipped and ready to be embedded by yourself. We provide either individual units or bundles of units and there is also a beautiful wooden enclosure to embed all the electronics.

The individual units and the enclosure of the Chimaera are produced in low volumes only. The units and complete devices are carefully assembled by hand on-site to guarantee high quality builds. This adds up to the price of the already expensive analog sensory components. But as the whole design is released as free/libre and open source hardware design, you can easily check that our prices are more than fair.

Digital signal processing (DSP) unit

You may want to get a pre-assembled board or build your own.

DSP-F3 Unit PCB only DSP-F3 Unit PCB assembled

OMK-CHIM-DSP-ASM CHF 95.- fully assembled, flashed and tested

Learn more about the DSP unit in our hardware section.

Sensor unit

You may want to get a pre-assembled board or build your own.

SU-16 Unit PCB only SU-16 Unit PCB assembled

OMK-CHIM-SU-ASM CHF 55.- fully assembled and tested

Learn more about the sensor unit in our hardware section.


We may provide you with laser cut cases for 3 - 8 sensor unit devices (S48 - S128). We let them produce in 2 - 2.5mm laser-grade beech plywood. We cannot provide cases for 9 and 10 sensor units (S144, S160) right now as they are too long for our current laser service provider. Or you build your own.

We ship the case pre-bent and ready to assemble (V2A nuts and bolts included). You can choose between different engravings and colors for the paint job. You may additionally want to have two guitar strap buttons to be able to strap on the device with a standard guitar strap.

case simple
Chimaera-S144 case with simple line engraving.

case neutral
Chimaera-S144 case with neutral line engravings.

case piano
Chimaera-S144 case with piano key engravings.

case 6:6
Chimaera-S144 case with piano key engravings and standard paint job.

case 6:6
Chimaera-S144 case with piano key engravings and alternative 6:6 paint job.

OMK-CHIM-CASE-S48 CHF 95.- 375x85x30mm, for 1x DSP + 3x sensor units, pre-bent
OMK-CHIM-CASE-S64 CHF 115.- 455x85x30mm, for 1x DSP + 4x sensor units, pre-bent
OMK-CHIM-CASE-S80 CHF 135.- 535x85x30mm, for 1x DSP + 5x sensor units, pre-bent
OMK-CHIM-CASE-S96 CHF 155.- 615x85x30mm, for 1x DSP + 6x sensor units, pre-bent
OMK-CHIM-CASE-S112 CHF 175.- 695x85x30mm, for 1x DSP + 7x sensor units, pre-bent
OMK-CHIM-CASE-S128 CHF 195.- 755x85x30mm, for 1x DSP + 8x sensor units, pre-bent
OMK-CHIM-CASE-S144 CHF 215.- 855x85x30mm, for 1x DSP + 9x sensor units, pre-bent (not offered right now)
OMK-CHIM-CASE-S160 CHF 235.- 935x85x30mm, for 1x DSP + 10x sensor units, pre-bent (not offered right now)
OMK-CHIM-PAINT CHF 30.- Paint job for the piano style cases with free choice of colors (according availability).
OMK-CHIM-PIN CHF 7.- Brass or aluminium strap button from Gibson (set of 2), bolts included
OMK-CHIM-STRAP CHF 5.- Nylon guitar strap from Planet Waves (dark red)

Learn more about the case in our hardware section.

Cable sets

As each sensor unit needs to be separately wired to the DSP unit, we provide loose and pre-crimped cable sets. One cable set consists of 3 colored wires (0.2mm2), 2 crimp housings and 6 female crimp shoes. You will need one kit for each sensor unit.

OMK-CHIM-CAB-LOOSE CHF 2.5 loose set for one sensor unit
OMK-CHIM-CAB-CRIMP CHF 5.- pre-crimped set for one sensor unit

Complete devices

Complete devices are built on request. You will get a device with all the needed parts wired up and calibrated, ready for plug'n'play.

Chimaera S128

OMK-CHIM-ASM-S48 CHF 455.- for 1x DSP + 3x sensor units
OMK-CHIM-ASM-S64 CHF 530.- for 1x DSP + 4x sensor units
OMK-CHIM-ASM-S80 CHF 605.- for 1x DSP + 5x sensor units
OMK-CHIM-ASM-S96 CHF 680.- for 1x DSP + 6x sensor units
OMK-CHIM-ASM-S112 CHF 755.- for 1x DSP + 7x sensor units
OMK-CHIM-ASM-S128 CHF 830.- for 1x DSP + 8x sensor units
OMK-CHIM-ASM-S144 CHF 905.- for 1x DSP + 9x sensor units (not offered right now)
OMK-CHIM-ASM-S160 CHF 980.- for 1x DSP + 10x sensor units (not offered right now)

MPlek and MStamp

As fingers of different people tend to have different diameters, we do not stock MPleks. Instead we prepared a design for shapeways where you can order your own 3D printed copy in your favorite size, color and material. We suggest to let manufacture the MPlek or MStamp in one of the "strong and flexible plastic" materials. Other materials have not been tested.

Measure the diameter of your phalanx media of the fingers in question and order the corresponding sizes through our shapeways store.

Mplek render Mstamp render

Learn more about the MPlek and MStamp in our hardware section.

Neodymium magnet

The Mplek 3D-print-out is assembled with an accompanying neodymium magnet of specific size in order to be functional. We can provide the neodymium magnets in case you should not be able to source them locally.

OMK-CHIM-MAG-RECT CHF 2.- 20x4x3mm (LxWxH) rectangular, N45 magnetization

Beta Testers

After a high interest at Maker Faire Rome, we are now running a beta-testing campaign to collect more comprehensive feedback of first-hand experiences of our final Chimaera prototype design from interested individuals. Get in contact with us. Now.

Please support free/libre software and hardware designs.


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